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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to my latest blog, VolleyMetrics. The basic aim of this site is to apply the kind of analytical and statistical reasoning that has come to be known as " sabermetrics " to volleyball. The term sabermetrics derives from SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research , but increasingly is used used to refer to quantitative analysis of sports in general. Phil Birnbaum's Sabermetric Research Blog is devoted to all sports, for example. Three things about me make a sabermetric volleyball site a logical next step: 1. I am a member of SABR and am very much in tune with the sabermetric approach. Another of my blogs, The Hot Hand , is devoted to the statistical study of sports streakiness. 2. I am a professor at Texas Tech University in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Although my primary substantive research area is adolescent and young-adult drinking (and personal development during this part of the lifespan more generally), my teac