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Iowa State Coach Christy Johnson on Evaluating Setters

The October/November issue of the AVCA's Coaching Volleyball magazine features an in-depth article by Iowa State women's coach Christy Johnson, entitled "Taking Your Setter from Good to Great: Seven Qualities for Which to Strive." Many of the ideas in Johnson's article are amenable to data-recording and quantification, perhaps in ways that some teams are already tabulating for their internal statistical purposes. Here are some examples, quoting from Johnson, that I feel potentially could inspire objective grading systems for evaluating setters. "Great footwork allows your setter to contact the ball high in the middle of the forehead every time." "If a hitter can take a great swing at the ball, then the setter has done her job..." "To train this concept, I’ll toss balls all around the court. I’ll ask my setter to set a quickset, for example, on every set she can, unless she feels she can’t put up a good ball, in which case she should t