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Non-Terminal Spike Attempts in Ohio State-Michigan Match (2009)

Your intrepid VolleyMetrics correspondent was in Ann Arbor, Michigan last Saturday night for the match between Ohio State and U of M . Actually, I was in town to attend an academic conference and visit my graduate-school alma mater, and as a bonus the volleyball match fit my schedule. The night before, the Wolverines had taken two-time defending NCAA champion Penn State to five games . I knew the Penn State match had been sold out, but when I got to the arena after flying all day Saturday, I was amazed to see the Ohio State match was too (notice the crowd-control grate in the lobby in the pictures above). I was on the outside looking in until "halftime" (between Games 2 and 3), when a number of seated spectators left and hangers-on were let in. The statistical angle I pursued (starting with Game 3) followed up on my immediately prior posting (below), namely what happens on spike attempts where the hitter neither achieves a kill nor commits a hitting error (i.e., a &q