Thursday, December 15, 2016

Final Four Teams' Records in Five-Game Matches

There seem to have been a lot of five-game matches this year, both in the regular season and in the NCAA tournament. Some of the Final Four teams went five in roughly a quarter of their matches this season. Here's how the remaining teams fared in five-game matches:

Texas: 4-3 overall; 2-1 home; 2-2 road

Nebraska: 4-1 overall; 2-0 home; 2-1 road

Stanford: 4-4 overall; 1-3 home; 2-1 road; 1-0 neutral
  • Included in Stanford's record is a win over visiting Cal Poly. How did the Cardinal even let Cal Poly take the match to a fifth game?
Minnesota: 5-3 overall; 4-0 home; 1-3 away

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