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Ferocity of Men's vs. Women's Spikes at the Elite College Level: Rates of Being Dug

As collegiate volleyball in the U.S. switches from women's play in the fall to men's in the winter/spring, so too does VolleyMetrics shift its focus. Fittingly, given this transition, there was a recent discussion topic on the VolleyTalk boards about the differences -- and relative enjoyability -- between the men's and women's games. The discussion appeared to focus on the greater power of men's spiking than that of women's. In fact, one discussant characterized the men’s game as “Pass, set, boom.” Whether one finds beauty in these rocketing blasts or prefers the (assumed) longer rallies in the women's game is in the eye of the beholder, but the consensus that this difference exists was wide. Here at VolleyMetrics, however, we want hard numbers. As an initial step, we can look at men's and women's team hitting percentages. Keep in mind that (as best I can tell), there are far more women’s volleyball programs in Division I alone than there a