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Strange Start to 2018 NCAA Women's Season

The women's college volleyball season is only three weeks old, so the Top 10 teams in the  AVCA pre-season poll  shouldn't have too many losses at this point, should they? Well, as shown in the following chart, the number of Top 10 teams who are still undefeated is... ONE. The number of these teams with three or more losses is... THREE. Team Good Wins Over... Losses To... 1. Stanford Penn St., Minnesota BYU 2. Nebraska Oregon (18), Creighton (14) Florida 3. Texas Oregon, Florida, Kentucky Wisconsin 4. Minnesota ? Oregon, Stanford 5. Kentucky ? Creighton, USC, N. Iowa, Texas 6. Penn State Oregon Stanford 7. Florida Nebraska Texas, USC, N. Arizona 8. BYU Stanford, USC --- 9. Wisconsin Texas Baylor 10. USC Kentucky, Creighton, Florida C. Florida, BYU, Marquette And it's not merely the number of losses by Top 10 teams. It's to w