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Long Beach State's DeFalco Double-Trouble (Hitting and Digging) For UCLA in NCAA Men's Final

In reflecting on Long Beach State's five-game win (25-19, 23-25, 20-25 , 26-24, 15-12) over UCLA back in May for the NCAA men's championship, there seemed to be a few possible angles to pursue. One was the re-emergence of California schools -- which had been completely absent from the last three NCAA title matches and had last hoisted the trophy in 2013 ( UC Irvine ) -- as championship combatants.    A second possible angle was UCLA's aggressive serving , which led to four straight service errors at a crucial point in Game 4 (at 20-20, 21-21, 22-22, and 23-23 ). I wrote about the Bruins' serving dilemma back in 2016 and it evidently is not something they have yet solved. To me, however, it was the two-way performance of 49ers' outside-hitter  TJ DeFalco , whose hitting and digging were indispensable to his team's success. DeFalco hit .419 (18 kills and 5 errors on 31 hitting attempts) and led his team with 12 digs. A method for putting a player's d