Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UCLA Men's String of Five-Game Matches

During his weekly appearance on Internet-radio's "The Net Live," UCLA athletics administrator and volleyball analyst Mike Sondheimer pointed out an unusual stretch of matches played by the Bruin men. As shown on the team's schedule/results log, the Bruins played seven straight five-game matches from January 4-12, winning five of them and losing two.

Last night (after Sondheimer's appearance on the Monday show), UCLA lost 3-1 to Long Beach State, ending the streak.

Mike challenged all listeners and volleyball observers to come up with any other streak of seven (or presumably more) straight five-game matches played by a team at any level of volleyball. If you know of any, please add it in the Comments section, preferably with a link to corroborating documentation.

Broadcasts of "The Net Live" are archived, for later listening. See the Volleyball Magazine link in the right-hand column to access these archives.

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