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Preview of Men's NCAA Final Four

This coming Thursday and Saturday, the men's volleyball version of the NCAA Final Four will take place in Irvine, California ( tournament website ). The semi-finals will match Penn State against Ohio State, and Pepperdine against Long Beach State. Men's collegiate VB is much more of a low-key affair than women's, with fewer schools fielding teams, less media coverage, etc. Accordingly, I have not posted nearly as much on the men's season as I had done for women's play last fall. The Final Four is actually all there is of the men's "tournament." Three teams earn automatic berths via conference tournaments of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, Midwest Intercollegeiate Volleyball Association, and Eastern Intercollegeiate Volleyball Association. The field is rounded out by one at-large team, inevitably from the MPSF. The at-large choice is often controversial, and this year's was no exception. The two contenders were BYU and Long Beach